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My Origin Story

Through my early years,

my father was an avid photographer with a Canon AE-1.

As life does, it got busy and the hobby fell by the wayside.

I vividly remember the whole of his darkroom in our basement

sitting in boxes collecting dust...

If only I knew then, what I know now.

For my 10th-ish birthday,

I was gifted a Kodak Fisher Price 110 film camera.

I would load film after film and take pictures galore.

Unfortunately, none have stood the test of time.

If only I knew then, what I know now.

After my own family was built and broke and built again,

I picked up the hobby with a Canon 30D.

Through life’s ups and downs,

the cameras came and went.

Once the hobby became a permanent facet of my life,

I transitioned into the Sony world.

And there I remain.

From abandoned building adventures

and planning photography group outings

to fungus madness and landscapes and moonscapes,

my photography has thoroughly evolved.

And here I stand.

These days,

photography is all about the experience.

If I come away with an image to share,

that is an amazing gift.

There is no greater compliment

than when others love what you love creating.

Thank you.

For me,

photography is a chance to be present in the moment,

intimately and passionately connecting with our world, 

and fully and deeply appreciating the experience.

I am thankful for the opportunities I am given

and try to take nothing for granted.

A lesson I am still learning myself

and one I am trying to share out into the universe.


Be better. Do better. Love better.

a poem

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